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Ybor City Fla Nov 9 of 1915

To The Honorable.

Willian Spry

Gobernor of the State of Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah.


The workingmen at a mass meeting have protested against
the judicial murder which the authourities of Salt Lake City
are preparing to consumate on the person of Joseph Hillstrom,
and we, hereby, do set before you the following facts to your
First: Whereas, Joseph Hillstrom is innocent of the crime he accused of.
Second; Whereas, the court in which he was tried, lacked of the evidence sufficient to condemn him, and.
Hird; Whereas. Joseph Hillstrom was tried by a court and jury
composed of personal enemies of his.
We, therefore, do hereby resolve to demand the rights granted by
the laws to all citizens;that is a nen and impartial trial by
which the accused may be able to set forth his innocence.
Now, Sir, if you see to it that our demands are granted, you
shall, deservedly be called a right and just man.

By Assembly
Antonio Amores Chairman.

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