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Robin Ernest Dunbar South Bend, Indiana

July 25[?]14

Gov. Wm Spry, Ogden, Utah,


Dear Sir: - Joe Hill is too good a boy to be shot even if he is guilty, but the great probability is the jury convicted him [?] prejudice. The Pardon board of New York parolled Bacini and Legere as Soon as their minimum sentences was up; Pres[tan?] was pardoned in [Arizona?]; the murder of Francisco [Ferren?] in Spain is deplored by all intelligent men and women. Don't make another mistake and Kill a poet: There is [not?] enough to go around as it is. Commute his sentence if you don't do anything else.

Sincerely yours, Robin Dunbar

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Chicago Heights, Ills, July 30, 1914.

Hon. W.M. Spry, Governors Mansion, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dear Sir:

As a westerner, perhaps only temporarily absent, I protest against the outrageous conviction of Joe Hill for murder.

Please aid him to get a new trial at once.

Yours Truly, Walter Davis.


A free press is ever the beacon-light of liberty, and will ever lead to a happier land. Free-speech is liberty and liberty is free-speech.

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The Dalles, Oregon Aug 6. 1914

Gov. Wm Spry Salt Lake Utah

Dear Sir. In reading the papers I have followed the unjust trial of one, Joe Hill find him convicted on the flimsiest kind of evidence, and sentenced to be shot. I protest as a citizen, and ask your interference. The eyes of thousands are watching you. What will you do?

Yours. Anna E. Duncan 422-W-16th st The Dalles Oregon

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Anna E. Duncan 422 West 16th St., The Dalles, Oregon,.

Dear Madam:

Your communication, written on behalf of Joseph Hillstrom, bas been by the Governor, filed with the State Board of Pardons, which board, under the laws of Utah, acts upon applications for pardon and commutation.

In order that you may be correctly informed as the facts entering into the appeal of this case to the Supreme Court of Utah, I am enclosing a copy of the decision of the Court for your perusal.

Very respectfully,

Secretary ot Governor.

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East Rockford, Ill July 19, 1915.

Governor:- Salt Lake City. Utah


Have noted that my friend and fellow worker has been denied a new trial. As it now stands I believe it is up to you to spare his life.

If you are a reader of history you understand the road tyranny and persecution leads to: and it is not a pleasant road for the persecutor or tyrant. It is not me who threatens

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