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Dec. 16, 1915.

Dr. Edward L. Emrich,
104 South State St.,
Murray, Utah.

My dear Doctor:

This letter is written in apprectiation of
your communication of Nov. 23rd, expressing your approval
of my action on the Hillstrom case. I appreciate the com-
pliment you pay me in stating that this is the first letter
of the kind you have ever written. I wish you to know that
what I did with relation to the Hillstrom case, was done
with a deep sense of my obligations as a servant of the peo-
ple in seeing that the laws were enforced, and with abiding
confidence that the people of this state would uphold me
in such action.

Your very frank and cordial statement, in this
particular, is one of the strong evidences that my judgment
regarding the attitude of the decent people of this state,
was right. We are all exceedingly anxious that Utah shall
maintain a reputation as the home of law-abiding, loyal, and
upright citizens. I know that men who feel as you feel, will
be instumental in removing from the state, the lawless and
idle element.

With the compliments of the season, and again
thanking you for your letter, I beg to remain

Cordially yours,


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