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New York Sept 20 - 1915

To the Honorable
Governor of Utah

Your Excellency!
I take the liberty of addressing you
in behalf of the convicted labor lea-
der Joe Hillstrom. There are many
circumstances connected with this case
indicating, that the interest of Justice
would be greatly benefited by your in-
tercession in the case, looking forward
the granting a new trial to this man,

There is considerable discussion of
many questions involved in this case
in many parts of the country and I
am only voicing the opinions of many
with whom I have discussed the case of the
artist can not be murderer, in asking your
influence toward a new trial for ac-
cused man?

I am sincerely and respectfully your

K.J. Jawoski
604 Mott Ave
New York, N.Y.


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