Territory of Utah
Beaver County

In the Second Judicial District Court
of the Territory of Utah

The People &c.
John D. Lee, W. H. Dame
Isaac I. Haight, et al
Indictment for murder, Sep 16th 1854

Salt Lake County S. S.

George A. Smith having
been first duly sworn deposes and says:
that he is aged fifty eight years, that
he is now and has been for several months
suffering from a severe and dangerous illness
of the head and lungs, and that
to attend the Court at Beaver in the
present condition of his health would
in all probability end his life.

Deponent further saith that he had
no military command during the year
1854 nor any other official position,
except that of one of the Twelve Apostles
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

Deponent further said that he never

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Hi. What is the convention for transcribing a closed brace "}" which appears for example in a heading or notary statement in a legal document?


Sorry, I should've paid attention to previous notes. Question answered. Thanks.