in the year 1854 at Parowan or elsewhere,
attended a council where Wm. H. Dame,
Isaac C. Haight or others were present to
discuss any measures for attacking or in
any manner injuring an emigrant train
from Arkansas, or any other place, which
is alleged to have been destroyed at
the Mountain Meadows in September 1854.

Deponent further saith that he
never heard or knew anything of a
train of emigrants, which he learned
afterwards by rumor was from Arkansas,
untill he met said emigrant train at
Corn Creek on his way north to Salt
Lake City, on or about the 25th day of
August 1854.

Deponent further saith that at Corn
Creek he encamped with Jacob Hamblin,
Philo T. Farnsworth, Silas S. Smith,
and Elisha Hoops and there for the
first time he learned of the existence
of said emigrant train and their intended
journey journey to California.

Deponent further saith that having
been absent from the Territory for a
year previous, he returned in the summer
of 1854 and went South to
visit his family at Parowan and to
look after some property he had there
and also visit his friends, and for no

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