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Tuesday Aug 22d/1876 7. O, clock P.M.
The newly elected council of Spring City for the
fourth term assembled at the meeting house.
Roll call; a quoram being present the council
was opened with prayer by the Mayor, James A Allred.
The subject of city Recorder was agitated; pending
the question the subject was ordered to be laid on the
An ordinance was passed appointing Niels. B. Adler
to the office of Marshal for Spring City
Adjourned till Saturday Aug 26/76.7 O clock
Saturday Aug 26th,,/ 76. & O clock P.M.
Council met at the Meeting House pursuant to
adjournment. Opening Prayer by coun. C. W. Moore.
A unanamous invitation was given by the Mayor.
and Council to President Orsen Hoyde and Bishen
Frederick Olsen to attend the sessions of the council
as suited their convenence.
An Ordinance was passed appointing Lars Frantzen
to the office of street Supervisor for Spring City.
Also an Ordinance appointing Saml R. Aiken to
the office of Recorder for Spring City.
An appropriation of eight Dollars was made to
Councilor John F. Allred for services in the part
term. Closing prayer by Coun. C. G. Larsen
Adjounred till Sat. Sept. 2nd./ 76. 7 PM

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