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relation to the duties of Ass. & collector; so that it
should read the first day of December instead
of the fifteenth day.
Granted a retail lisence to Nielsen Bros. during six months
from the seventh day of October 1876 till the seventh day
April 1877 for ($12.50) twelve Dollars and fifty cents.
Appropriated ($10.00) ten Dollars to be paid out of
the treasury to J.F Allred for his services a city
attourney for two years past.
J. F. Allred presented his resignation as city councilor
and city attorney the action on the subject was
laid over till the next meeting.
Bishop Frederick Olsen's tax for the year 1876 was
remitted by the council.
Also Pres Orson Hyde's taxes for the years
1875 & 1876 were remitted.
The settlment by the finance commitee with the city recorded for his
services from Dec. 11th 1875 till Aug. 22d 1876 was
presented amounting to ($28.17) twenty eight
dollars and seventeen cents which was accepted
and the same appropriated by the council
Closing Prayer by C. W. Moore.
Adjounred till Mon. Nov. 20th/76 6 PM

Mon. Nov 20th 1876 6 O. clock P.M
A minority of the council met at the Meeting
house and adjounred till Monday 27th 1876 6 1/2 O clock P.M.

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