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June 26th 1876 Two assessment rolls were posted in the most
conspicuous places in Spring City contaning each
tax payer's name and the amount of their taxes annexed.

Nov 7th 1876. Notices were posted in three several places in the
city stating the time when the city taxes must be
paid for the years 1875 and 1876 or extra cost would accrue.

Mon. Nov. 27th/76 6 1/2 o.clock P.M.
The city council met at the Meeting House, Opening prayer by Lauritz Larsen.
The council ordered repairs to be made in the side walk
on the west side of Main street in said city by the bridging
the crossings near P.D.P. Lunds; the Meeting house, and
Niels B. Adler's. The Mayor appointed H. O. Ungerman and
Rasmus Justesen as a committee to superintend said
repairs; also to obtain information from Lars Frantzen
his intentions as to qulifying himself for the office of street
supervisor of Spring City to which office he had been
appointed. J. F. Allred withdrew his notice of resignation
as city councilor & attourney.
City council resolved that the city assessor and collector
should serve written notices on all delinquent tax
payers for the years 1875 and 1876 the amount of their
taxes due together with twenty five cents cost for the same
and if not paid within ten days after such notice they
would be liable to further cost. Order N. H. B[]sen/policeman.
Prayer by R. Justesen. Adjourned till Dec 11th 1876 6 1/2 oclock P.M

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