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{Monday} May 7th. 1877 7.O. clock P.M.
The city council met in special session.
The people that hold water permits met with the city council at
the Meeting house according to the notice given by the Mayor.
Motioned by D. H. Allred seconded by P.D. S. Lund that the people
holding water permits draw water according to land cultivated by
each one in 1877. Rejected.
Motioned by A. Acord second by James Commander that the persons
holding water permits be permitted the liberty to move the water
from one ditch to another provided it be on the same stream and
used within the field. carried by vote.
A motion was made that the expense of repairs and the water
master's salary be paid by levying a tax on the water propriators rejected.
Motioned and second to pay said expenses according to
the permits each one holds. Passed by a vote of the people.
{Monday} May 28th/77. 7 O clock P.M.
The council met in session at the Meeting house; being called by the Mayor.
Minuets of the last meeting read & accepted. Prayer by the Mayor.
The cash valuation of taxable property was taken into consideration
Suggested that houses and one lot be valued from 50 to 600 dollars
That extra enclosed lots be valued from 25 to 75 dollars.
Land cultivated and suitable for cultivation 5 dollars per acre.
Horse teams with harness from 50 to 100 dollars, Ox teams from
40 to 60 dollars; cows 12 doll., three years old [?] 12 dolls., Two years old
7 dolls., yearlings 4 dolls. Waggons from 75 doles, down till become
Resolved by the council that the time for assessing and making
return of tax roll to the council for 1877 be extended from the first day
of June to the first day of July.

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