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Thursday Marck12th/ 78 6 1/2 o clock P.M.
Council in session at the Tithing office. Prayer by C. W. Moore.
The committee appointed to amend the water ordinance, reported
amendments to the fourth section of the same; which after due consideration
was refered back to said committee for their further deliberation.
Two bushels of wheat was appropriated for Saml. Allred for
services in surveying water ditches in the spring of 1876.
Also two dollars in wheat at (75) seventy five cents per. bushel
was appropriated for Mads Nielsen for his services with team helping
to define the west and north west bounderies of Spring City
Corporation. C.M. Rodes tax of fifty two cents for the year 1877 was
remitted. Prayer by H. O. Ungerman. Adg. till Thurs. March 21st/ 78 6 1/2 O.C. P.M.
Thursday March 21st/78 6 1/2 O clock P.M.
Council in session at the Tything office. Prayer by J. A. Allred,
The committeee to amend the water ordinance reported their ame-
ndments to the 4th section thereof; which were read and adopted
by the council.
Motioned by C. G. Larsen, seconded H. O. Ungerman that
five dollars and fifty cents be appropriated for James A. Allred
to remunerate him for the purchase of the compiled law of Utah
for the use of Spring City: Passed unanimously.
Rasmus Justesen and H. O Ungerman were appointed
as a committee to procure Brass of Tin plates numbered from
one upward to be placed upon collars of registered dogs in
Spring City.
Closing Prayer by Haman Hansen.
Adjounred till Thursday Apr. 4th/ 78 6 1/2 o clock P.M.

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