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Thursday April 4th 1878 6 1/2 o clock P.M.
The council in session at the Tithing office.
Prayer by H. O Ungerman. Minutes of the last meeting read
and accepted.
Green W. Allred the head of water master made his yearly
The Mayor appointed Monday the 15th instant 7 1/2 o clock P.M.
of the time for the holders of water permits to act upon the
business of the current year.
The petition of Christen Micklesen and five others was presented
asking for repairs at the crossing of Parley & Mill streets;
H. O. Ungerman as a commmittee with the street supervisor were
appointed to ascertain the amount of labor required thereon.
Jerome J. Adam's tax for the year 1875 amountinng to $432_100
was remitted. Also John Petersen's tax of $113_100 for the year 1877 was remitted
Closing Prayer by John Schofield. Adj. til Thurs. Apr. 18th/ 78 7 o,clock P.M.
Monday April 15th/78 7 1/2 O clock P.M.
Opening prayer by the Mayor.
At the special meeting of the holders of water permits at the
Meeting house called by the Mayor the following resolutions were
passes. Motioned by James Commander seconded by A. B. Adler
that the Head water master receive four pounds of wheat per acre
of land cultivated & watered, including City lots for his services for
the year. Passed.
Motioned by Lauritz Larsen, seconded by Bishop Olsen that
one half days work be done on the Main ditch for each city lot,
and one half days work also be done on said ditch for each ten acres
of land of under, and an aditional half days work for every additional
ten acres or under. Passed.

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