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as Judges Judges of the municipal election of city officers to be held in
Spring City on Monday August fifth 1878.
C. G. Larsen designated as presiding Judge of Election.
Rasmus Justesen and James A. Allred were appointed
as a committee to place stakes or other bounds at the corners
of the severed buring lots in the Spring City burrying Lots
CG Larsen & John Schofield were appointed as a committee
to procure one thousand feet of red pine lumber suitable for
bridges. Closing prayer by H. O. Ungerman.
Adjourned to meet at the Meeting house
Thursday July 11th/ 78 7 1/2 O clock P. M.

Monday July 8th/ 78 7 O clock P. M.
T Mayor convened the city council at the meeting house
for a special meeting. Opening prayer by H. O. Ungerman.
Minutes of the last meeting read and accepted.
Geo. W. Brough presented a petition signed by Charles Crawford
and nineteen others representing that by actual measurement
of the water of canal creek that nearly 3/5 of said water
sank before reaching the borders of Spring City; asking the
council to grant them the privilege to gether with all citizens
who wish to assist to turn out the waters of said creek upon
ground better adapted to the saving of said water: On conditions
that they have a sufficient amount of water to mature their crops
this season; and a permit for a reasonable amount, in proportion
to the amount of water saved; or as much as in the Judgment
of the city council may seem just and equitable in the premises.
Moved and caried that the clerk be Authorized to report to Charles

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