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Crawford and Athers, that after due consideration by the council,
they do not deem it expedient of within their jurisdiction to grant
their request.
The council appointed R. Justesen, L. Larsen and J. Schofield
as a committee to ascertain on what conditions they could
obtain the right of way to bring out the waters of canal creek,
and report at an early day. Closing prayer by the Mayor.
Adjourned till tomorrow evening July 9th/ 7 O. clock P.M
Tuesday July 9th/ 78 7 O clock P.M.
The council at the meting house pursuant to
adjournment. Opening prayer by the Mayor.
The minuets of the last meeting read but not being acceptable to the
council, was defered for correction till the next meeting.
The committee on right of way for the location of a ditch to turn
out the water of canal creek, reported favorable with all concerned
except in the instance of the absence of Jacob Johnsen.
Moved and carried that said committee correspond with Jacob Johnsen
regarding the matter.
The council appointed a committee of five, Viz;
F. Olsen, C.G. Larsen, C. W. Moore, James A. Allred, R. Justesen to view
and measure the waters of canal creek. Closing prayer by L. Larsen.
The committee on water gates presented a bill of 31 bushels and 50 pounds
of wheat for making and providing lumber for thirteen gates:
Also ($8.45) eight dolls. and forty five cents cash for Locks & rods, blacksmithing
and nails. Which amount was appropriated.
Adjourned till tomorrow evening July 10th 8. O clock P.M.

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