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Wednesday July 10th/ 78 8 O clock P.M.
The council met in session at the meeting house.
Minutes of last meeting read and accepted.
Also the minutes of session held July 8th 1878 was read and
The committee appointed to view and measure the waters of
canal creek southeart of Spring City through their foreman
Bis F. Olsen reported unfaforably to locating a new ditch to convey
said water as the excess of water would not repay the labour.
Each of the other members of said committee made a corresponding
statement; the council therefore voted unanimously that it was not
expedient to locate said ditch.
Thursday July 11th/ 78 7 1/2 O clock P.M.
The council met at the meeting house pursuant to adjournment
made June 27th 1878. Prayer by L. Larsen.
Minutes of last meeting read andn accepted.
Moved and carried that Lauritz Larsen be authorized to process
[printed] printed tickets for election purposes.
Closing prayer by C. G. Larsen. Aud. Sin Die.
Friday July 12th/78 Certification of notice of appointment was served on
C.G. Larse John. R. Baxter and John F. Allred as Judges of[ Municipal]
Election to be held Aug. 5th 1878.
July 12th There notices of the Municipal election were parted.
July 15th Begin tration lift of Spring City posted at each store.
Aug 10th/78 certificates of notice were served on all city officers elected
at the municipal election held in Spring City Aug 5th 1878

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