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order to post himself as a Justice. It was moved
that Bishop Olsen be appointed a comittee to buy
two copies of the Laws of Utah as soon as possible.
A petition was presented by John E Josephson and
Soren Peterson concerning some water they claimed
in City Creek. Said petition was ordered to lay
on the table to come up at the next meeting.

Council dimsissed. Sine Die.

Dec. 6 1878 City Council met in the tithing office.
Called to order by the Mayor. Prayer by the Mayor.
The Mayor stated that the council would now
hear from the Committee who met with S. G.
Bunnel. John Schofield read the report
with S. G. Bunnel which showed that he
was owing the city $8.24 (Eight and Twenty
four hundred Dollars) and 18 11 bsh/60 Eighteen
and eleven sixty bsh. wheat. It was moved by
Bishop Olsen recorded by T. B. Allred that
8 11/60 bsh be allowed for shrinkage which was
agreed to. It was also moved, seconded, &
carried that John Schofield and T. B. Allred
be appointed a committee to receive the means
from S. G. Bunnel. Bishop Olsen stated
that the comittee appointed & met with Souret
Larson could not settle untile the settlement
was made with S. G. Bunnel.

The Mayor stated that through the death
of President Hyde, which we all deeply
regret, a vacancy is caused in the Council

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