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the City justice was made. Also one and nintey-
five hundreds (1.95/10) Dollars for a pair of [steelyards]
for the use of the Treasury. Prayer by Hennry Olson
Jan. 1, 1879, Council met, in the Tithing Office. Called to order
by the Mayor. Prayer by Henry Olson.
The Mayor states that the City Charter gave the
right to appoint officers and from legal advice
which he had received it was addmitted
that the Council could appoint officers.
It was moved by Henry Olson seconded
by Bis Olson, that Lauritz Larsen be appointed
a City Councilor in room of Pres. Orson Hyde
An Ordinance was drafted & passed appointing
Lauritz Larsen a City Councilor to fill the
vacancy caused by the death of the Hon.
Orson Hyde.
The Mayor stated that the watermaster
desired the Council to furnish several
water gates for the benifit of the City
John T. Lambert and T. B. Alldred were
appointed a committee in company with
the head water master to get the gates,
locks, nails for the city.
An appropriation of One Doll. ($1 00/00) for
contingent expensis was made. Prayer by
John Schofield.

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