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January 11, 1879. The City Council met in the tithing office.
Called to order by the Mayor. Prayer by John Schofield.
The Mayor stated that Louritz Larsen had qualified
and had equal rights with the other Councilors.
John T. Lambert of the Committee appointed to look
after the gates stated that eleven (11) gates were requi
red and that it would require about (10.00) Ten
hundred feet of lumber to make them.
The Committee appointed to settle with Louritz
Larsen gave report of settlement. A balance
sheet was read which was certified to as being
correct. It was moved seconded & carried that the
Council accept the report.
A requisition was made by Louritz Larsen for an
appropriation of twenty five ($25.) doll. for his
services as treasurer for the year 1878. Twelve and a half (12.[5])
in wheat at (.75) seventy five cents per lb. and twelve
and a half ($12.50) in money.
It was moved that John Schofield T. B. Allred
and Louritz Larsen be appointed to settle with
S. B. Arthur the late secretary *treasurer. Four Doll. ($4.00/00 were
appropriated for the purchase of two (2) Coppies of
the laws of Utah.
The resignation of James A. Allred ^as Mayor was read.
It was moved, seconded, and carried that the
Council except the resignation. A vote of thanks
was tendered to James A Allred for his services
as Mayor. It was moved, seconded, and

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