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carried that Bishop Olsen act s Mayor pro tem
Closing prayer by John T. Lambert.

Friday, February 7, 1879.
City Council met in the Tithing Office
Called to order by the Mayor protem
Prayer by Louritz Larsen. The Mayor protem
stated that he had received a letter, which was
read from the Land Office informing the City
Council that they could have more land for
City purposes than they had at present.
James A. Allred George Brough and several
members of the council made a few remarks
regarding teh subject.
An appropriation of fifteen (15) lb. wheat
was made for lumber bought for City purposes
One Dollar ($1.00/00) was also appropriated to Dr.
W. P. Allred for professional services rendered
the city.
A petition from Henry Cowles asking his
City taxes to be remitted for the year 1878 was
read and ordered to lay on the table.
Prayer by John T. Lambert.
Adjourned tile Tues Feb. 11, 1879

Tuesday, Feb 11, 1879
A minority of the City Council met in the Tithing Office A quorum not being present
Could not proceed to business.

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