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Friday, February 14, 1879
The City Council met in the tithing office.
Called to order by the Mayor pro tem
Prayer by Louritz Larsen.
The petition of Henry Cowles was considered
and the prayer of the petitioner not granted.
The report of the comittee with S. R.
Aipes, the late recorder, who was also apessor
and collector was read and accepted.
An appropriation of Ten and seventy hundreds
Dollars $10.70/00 was made at to S. R. Aipes
for services rendered at thelate August
elections. A petition from S. R. Hipes was
read asking that his City taxes for the years
1875, 1876, and 1877 ammounting A $4.42 was
read and granted.
Prayer by Bishop Olsen.
Adjourned tile Tuesday Feb. 18, 1879

Tuesday, February 18, 1879
City Council met in the Tithing office.
Called to order by the Mayor pro tem.
Bishop Olson thought it necessary to have
a committee to look at the land east of the
City; so that something might be done regard
ing the circular from the Land Office
Louritz Larsen, John T. Lambert & T. B. Allred
were appointed [scuil] committee.
A committee consisting of John Schofield and

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