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Henry Olsen was appointed to look after
the grave yard get the stakes reset
Prayer by Hening Olsen
Thursday February 20 1879,
The City Council met in the meeting house
Called to order by the Mayor pro tem.
Bishop Olsen said it was necessary
to appoint a head. Water Master this month
(February) but he thought it proper to have
a mayor first.
Several of the members of the council thought
it necessary to have a Mayor. It was
moved by T. B. Allred seconded by John T. Lambert that Ramus Justeses be
appointed Mayor. Henning Olsen
moved as an amendment that Christion
G, Larsen be appointed Mayor seconded
by Louritz Larsen. The motion was
carried. It was moved that John Schof
ield, John T. Lambert and T. B. Allred
visit Ramus Justeses and find out if he would act. Prayer by John Schofield
Adjourned tile Friday Feb 21 at 1/2 12.

Friday February 21st 1879
City Council met in the Tithing office according
to appointment. Called to order by the Mayor
pro tem. Prayer by John Schofield.

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