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Spring City Cooperation Merchantile Im-
rtation for one year dating from May 4
1879 which was granted on paymment
of Twenty Five Dollars ($25.)
A petition was read from Lowis M. Christeson
asking an appropriation of $5 for services
rendered the city and, as others has rendered
services to the city. It was moved, seconded,
& carries that Ten and seventy Five hundred($10. 75/100) be appropriated in wheat at .75
per [bush] to Lous M. Christesen, Samuel
Allred, and Renben W. Allred from
A petition was read from Samuel G. Bemmel
asking the privilage of transfering water
to land not having the right of water laid
H. Olson, Louritz Larsen, & T. B. Allred
were appointed a committee to [investigate]
and acertain facts when certain tracts of land
were survied & allote to the bretheren.
Payer by Louritz Larson
Council Adjounrned till June 3 ,79.
Tuesdy, June 3, 1879.
Council met in the tithing office
Mayor Laron presiding. Prayer by John A. Allred
The petition of Jonas Brough dated April 21, 79.
was read & T. B. Aallred & John Schofield
were appointed a committee to consult Jonas
regarding said petition. The petition of

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