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After hearing Messers Behumin and G.W. Allred
the council agreed to send six men and
two teams two weeks upon the mountains
under the direction of Marten Behumin to
continue the work and increase the water
T.B. Allred and John Schofield were ap
pointed a committee to hire five men
at the most favorable rates.
It was also agreed that Green W. Allred
would go in the canyon for three days
with those who were willing to work their
portion of the expensis.
A petition from Peter M. Molter was read
asking the privilege of allowing building
material to lay on the sidewalk adjoining
his lot which was granted for a reasonable
time - Council adjourned Sine Die.
Prayer by T. B. Allred.
Wednesday July 9, 1879.
Council met in the Tithing office.
Mayor Larsen presiding. - Prayer by Louritz
Louis Olsen applied for a licience to sell
butcher meet which was granted on paiment
of Two Dollars & fifty cents. ($2.50/100)
A petition from R.W. Allred Jun. asking the
privilege of laying building material on the street
opposite his lot for a reasonable time. Petition granted
Instructions regarding water were given

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