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east of the city for a period one year.
Jos. A Allred City Marshal presented a
bill for his services in patroling the street
removing nuisances; and acting as messen
ger amounting to $19.45/100
The Council appropriated Ninteen and forty
five hundreds Dollars to Jos A. Allred for
his services as City Marshal
Council adjourned till Tuesday July 20 1880
Prayer by Jos. H Allred
Tuesday July 20, 1880
City Council met in the meeting house
Mayor Larsen presiding Prayer by the
Mayor. Charles Crawforth applied for the pri-
vilege of getting a stream of water belonging to Jos.
T. Ellis transferred for a period of three days from
the South field to the ditch at the mouth of
Canal creek. The council granted the request
J. T. S. Allred Sen. asked the Council for the
privilege of transfering a stream of water from
the little field to the ditch at the mouth of Canal
Creek for a period of two days. Council
granted the request.
Hans A. Tompson applied in behalf of Soren
Larsen to get ten acres of water right transfered
from the south field to the ditch on the flat
Transfer was granted.
Hans A. Tompson desired the privilege of

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