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Monday, August 2nd 1880.
A Municipal election of City officers in and for
Spring City for the (6th) Sixth term under the
charter was held at the usual place of holding
elections in Spring City August 2nd 1880.
The following returns were made by C.G.Larsen
presiding judge of election and James Commander
and T.B.Allred judges of Election.
Mayor. Recorder.
C.G. Larsen. John R. Baxter.
Six Councilors. Justice of the Peace.
F.Olsen. John Frantzen.
R.Justesen. John T. Allred.
John Schofield. Assessor & Collector.
Hemming C Bergerman, James Christensen.
Thomas B.Allred, Treasurer.
[Louritz?] Larsen. John Frantzen.
Sanford Allred.
Attested by John R. Baxter and F Olsen
City Recorder City Councilor.

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