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Tuesday Sept.30.1880. Council met at the Tithing Office.
Caller to order by Mayor Larsen, Prayer by the
Mayor. The assessment roll was read and some
slight changes made. It was moved and carried
that Isaac M.Allred be appointed a City Councilor
in the place of R.Justeson resigned. An ordinance
was drafted and passed appointing Isaac M.
Allred a City Councilor. A bill of articles requi-
red and presented by the Head watermaster was read
{Oct.26 min recorded/}and laid over till the next session of the council.
{page 144.}Council adjourned Sine Die.
{96 words}Prayer by F.Olsen.
Tuesday Nov.2.1880. Council met in the Tithing Office. Called to
Order by Mayor Justeson. Prayer by H.O.Ungerman,
It was then mooved that Jno.Schofield be appointed
clerk Pro.Tem.Carried. Council F.Olsen then
stated that he had seen I.F.Allred and obtained an
affirmative answer. It was then mooved and carried
that One Dollar and 50/100 be appropriated to H.A.Thompson
for making one trip to the Horse Shoe Mountain on
water business. Also that $1.50 to Henning Hanson
for a trip to the same place at the same time. It was also
move and carried that $2. be appropriated to
H.A.Thompson for locks, bolts and lumber used on city water
gates, also that Canute Mastersen's tax for the year 1880.
amounting to $1.38 be appropriated for labor performed
at the bridge near his house. Moved and carried that
F.Olsen, L.Larsen, I.M.Allred act as a finance committee also
J.Schofield, T.B.Allred and H.O.Ungerman act as a judiciary committee

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