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upon the following valuation; Land from $45812
per acre, improvements on public land according to
their value. City lats with improvements houses thereon, from
$25 to $600. Horse teams from $30. to $100, per span,
Oxen per yoke $30 to #60. Cows $12 per head. Three
year old steers $12 1/2 each, Two year olds $7, Yearlings $3,
Sheep $1.50, Wagons from $70, downward.
A Bill of $1.30 was appropriated to defray expenses of
lamp, Stationary, Oil Xe. Adjourned to Thursday
Mar 3, 1, P. M. Dismissed by J M, Allred.

Mar, 3, 1881. Council met in the Tithing Office Mar, 3, 1881. Mayor
Justesan presiding, minutes of the former meeting
read and it was ordered by the council that the
valuation of property for taxing be inserted in
the minutes, also a resolution regulating the
rate per cent of taxes for 1881, minutes accepted
as amended. The Committee on the revision of
the ordinances of Spring City, reported their labor
in the form of a Bill, which was read in the council
and the Bill was read and the labor accepted
and the committee discharged from further
duty, adjourned to 6.30, Mar 3, 1881.

Dismissed by R. Justesan.

Mar 3, 1881. Council met persuant to adjournment in the
Tithing Office at 6.30, Mar 3, 1881. Major Justesan
presiding. Minutes of the former meeting read and
accepted. The Bill of J Frantsen was taken up

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