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from the lehinney to the south of the city.
The Sections referred to do. Larsen as a committee
to be changed was read as he had changed it and the
section accepted. Adjourned Line Die.
Benediction by the Mayor R. Justeson
J.T Alfred city recorder.
Spring City Apr. 26. 1881
The council met in the Tithing Office by order
of the Mayor, balled to order by the Mayor. Rollcalled
Luorum present. Prayer by the Mayor minutes
of the farmer meeting read and accepted.
The Mayor stated the object of the meeting which
was to hear the report of the Head Watermaster,
but he had not yet come in. do, do aresen in
behalf of Jacob Johnson asked for a transfer of
5 acres of water from the horth field to the flat granted.
The Head watermaster having came in repasted.
reparted the condition of the main dithes. Said
it would require 10 days labor on Cedar Creek.
and 1 day to 20 acres of land on Canal x Oak Creeks.
also a little repairing of gates. The repart
of 8 acres of water from the Lehinney to the little field
granted. The Mayor in behalf of Oeter pusteson asked
for a transfer of his water from the Lehinney and
15 acres of water was granted, J.B. Allred in behalf
of Samuel Allred asked for a transfer of 5 acres from
Oak Creek and 5 acres from the little to the Crawforth.
diteh granted.

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