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Spring City, Jan, 11, 1881,

Council met in the Tithing Office. Roll called,
Luorurn present. Prayer by Mayor R. Austeson
F, Olsen, minutes of the former meeting read
and accepted. The subject of the revision of the
ordinaries were taken up and a committee for their
revision agreed upon, moved and carried that Le, Larson
be one of said committee, and that John Frantzenbe
another, it was also moved and carried that said
committee procure such aid as they wish,
adjourned for two weeks, dismissed by John Schofield,

J. F. Alfred City Recorder,

Jan 25.

Spring City, Feb, 26, 1881.

Council met in Tithing Office pursuant to
adjournment. Called to order by Major Justeson.
Roll called,Luosum present. Prayer by H. O.
Ungesman. Minutes of the former meeting read
and accepted. Committee man Larson on the
revision of the ordinances, stated that the
committee had secured the services of Jacob
Johnson to aid in servising the ordinances said
the labor was going on mooved that we adjourned
Sine Die. Benediction by

Councilor J. B. Allred

J. F. Allred. City Recorder.

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