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To preserve Goosboruies
Pick and stone yd Goosboruies And to halfe a pound of Goosboruies take halfe a pound of Sugar, and about [ond]
Spoonfull or two of water, Set them on a quick fire, & as they turn [elbar] pick them out into Glasses, And for yd jelly you must take as many Goosboruies as you think will
[sorud] & cover them over with Water and let them boil [on] over a quick fire as fast as it is possible, Then strain [Hone]
[His rough hassoullon] Bagg [chin] to a pint of this jelly better
[Hun] those quarters of a pound of Sugar, Let it boil on a quick fire till it will jelly.

To make Jam of Cherries
To a pound of Cherries take a pound & a half of
Sugar, A quarter of a pound of yd juice of [red Curarus]
put all togeher and let them Guild till you think it
boil thick enough, keeping it with stirring and taking
and some of this stones as it Boils, then put it into pots
[or glasses]

To preserve Damazins
To four pound of Damazins, take four pounds of
loaf sugar & four pints of water put yd Sugar into the water and let it boil till it go the collour of [Alowart ]
then put into it three good handfulls of Damazins
and let them boil in the water till they [handcoulr]
it then take them out, then put in [tho'] four pounds &
let them boil Leisurely for a while taking off [tho]
[cleum] as it [risoth] Then take them from [y] five & lay
them in a stone Dish, one by one, and put in yd Syrup on
them, letting them stand and [truvod ayer] & nights, then
give them one boil then take out & let yd Syrop boil

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