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iuice, a pound of double refined sugar, let it boile togeth
Skiming it very well, if you think it will be jelley, put it
into your Glasses when it is cold [nott pap Say] upon them
to make Jelley of Pippins
Take the best Kentish Pippins pare slice & put them
into a pott, & let it boile in a pan of water, till the juice
come from them, And then take weight for weight of
Sugar and candie yd Sugar e put your juise to yd sugar
but doe not let it boile, then put some [prosor ved] Oranges
into your Glasses and pour them together
To Candie Currens
Beat the white of an egg and double refined Sugar
well together, then u[oyp] yd largest bunches of Currens in
lay them in the Sun to dry when it is very hott
To make Quincie Cakes
Coddle yd Quinceies till they be soft then take a pound
of the pulp e rub it through a hair Seave, & take halfe a
pint of the clear juise of Quincies and mix with it
put to it a pound e a halfe of[boat] sugar & let it stand
upon the fir

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