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the Salvage awarded was paid [?] security given was necessarily long & was charged 9/- and that my reply was charged 2/3-. JS 17 Dec 1853 J.S.
18 Dec 1853
I take the liberty of calling your attention to an order dated 20 Jany last respecting the sum of £2.10.10 included in my account of forms as Shipping Master at the Port of Southampton which I had advanced for the purpose of adjusting the account of the preceding quarter - in which it was stated that
"should the Shipping Master however be "allowed hereafter any remuneration for "Services the circumstance will be borne "in mind",
I beg to acquaint you that I have since been paid for my services as shipping Master at that Post as hereafter states - [?]
For 1853 - £140.0.0.
which, after deducting on account of Clerks - £128.6.8
left 11.13.4
That amount was divided as follows
To the widow of my predecessor - one fourth
for the auarter ended 5th April 2.18.4
For the principal Offr. at Lymington
for Acting Shipping Master at that place - 0.17.6
over 3.15.10

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Pre-deecimal British currency (LSD) was written thus: £X(pounds). XX (shillings) XX (pence).