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each Salvor: and report to me the
J Sparrow

Lieut [Jas] Stewart R. N
[Housed] 16 Nov 1857
Thanks for your report of
the Wreck of the [ship] "Britainica" -
Have the goodness always to let me
know when such events occur that I may
if necessary, which is not the case in
the present instance, send an officer from
hence to your aid.
J Sparrow

The Secretary Marine Departt Board Trade London
19 Nov 1857
With reference to your letter of the
17th instance and to Paragraph 92 of
Instructions. I beg to acquaint you that
I was informed that [Wr] 1. had been
forwarded- in respect of "Vesta! - by the
Officer of the Coast Guard.
The Master and Crew of the Vesta
have returned to [Prussia] consequently the
form cannot be filled up - from the
statement of any one now here. But most
of the particulars can be taken from the
copy of the Master Declaration which I
forwarded to you on the 3rd Instant.
J Sparrow

Captn Palmer R.N
Bridlington Quay 20th Nov 1857
Preceding is a letter from
Messr [Barrkroorth] and [Spatalin] on the
subject of the Wood landed at [Witherensed]
from the Wreck of the "Vesta" in respect

V. S.

S. V.

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