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Rotherey A.C Esqr, Registrar Doctors Commons 7
Rothery [H.C.?] Esqr Doctors Commons £65 Friendship sent 40
Rent. Warehouse Yard Rent charged on Wrecked Goods 78
Remittance £50 to Paymaster General 78
Randolph Captn respecting vessel [run down?] 82
Receiver of Wreck Southampton respg Boat washed on shore near Withernsea 90
Receipts for Salvage transmitted to Mr Flucker 128
"Rebecca Ann" Vessels Stores Letter to Wm Brooks Esqr Grimsby 136
"Rebecca & Elizabeth" letter to L.D. Poynter resptg Salvage 137
" £5 note to be distributed to Coast Guard 142
"Ruby" Vessel papers forwardd to Shields 156

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I have checked out Rothery at Doctors Commons. (2nd line) There is a Henry Cadogan Rothery. Wonder whether it is him.
Interesting info about him. He chaired the public inquiry into the Tay Bridge Disaster Dec 28 1879