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Joseph Brinklow
Died at Aldbury 23rd Janry 1864
Left a widow 2d. wife Martha Mary Brinklow
and 7 daughters viz.
1. Emily wife or Mr. Lee of Bedford [?] of Lancaster schoolmaster
2. Caroline Cooley of {adl} Aldbury widow.
3. Sarah Hindley wife of Adam Huntley of Leigh [?] of Lancaster, cloth sorter
4. {Jane} Ann Brinklow of Aldbury spr.
5. Jane wife of John Chilman of Aldbury coachman
6. Sabina wife of Thos Montague of Aldbury rly porter
7. Ellen Brinklow of Aldbury spinster. -

No leasehold - no real estate
Cash in the house In purse - 10-1- 0
Cash box - 1-10
There was a sum of £ 3. odd which is supposed to
belong to Overseer.
The sum due to the Overseer is £ 18 - 2 - 9

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Joseph Brinklow, died at Aldbourg, 23 January, 1864. He left a widow, his wife, Martha Mary Brinklow, and 7 daughters, ( symbol = described forthwith) 1. - Emily, wife of Mr. Lee of Beofore ( 2 symbols, probably rank or title) Lancaster Deloware, 2. - Caroline Cooler, wife of Adam Aldburn Haidley, widow. 3. - Sarah Hinley of Leigh, (symbol of title or rank), Lancaster, cloth sorter.

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