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Status: Complete

Tin dutch Oven
Do. candle shade
Two japanned tea trays
Two clothes lines
28 pieces willow and other ware
Pair copper scales
Mahogany knife Box
Woodbowl, tin Do. and tin coffeepot
Pair bellows
Iron boiler and 5 Do. saucepans
Small shaving glass
Dutch oven and stand
Laundry brooms and brushes
Eight wooden harvest bottles
Four stone Bottles
Two tin Cans
Kitchen Fender
Cooking range with trivets &c. as fixed

In Kitchen Cupboards
Sheffield Metal teapot
Tin teapot and rockinghamware Do.

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

The first word in the second line appears to be "Do" for "Ditto". Should dittos be expanded in the transcript (in this case to "tin"), or left as-is?

UVA Law Library

Great question. We'll leave them as is to limit the editorial interventions we make on this first pass.

Sara Brumfield

Rockinghamware (teapot in the cupboard):
Willow ware is likely the blue willow pattern:

Sara Brumfield

I think "asfixed" is just an old spelling of "afixed"