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Status: Complete

8 tea cups and 7 saucers
12 leaden table and tea spoons
16 pieces various Crockery

Entrance to Cellars
Old Table
Meat Safe as fixed
Tin Colander 2 baking dishes rolling pin and chopping board
Hair sieve and tin funnel
Spoke brush (new)
Cross cut saw and Hand Saw
Spade, pair hedging shears, and various small Tools
Hobbling foot and drawing knife
Two 2 fold clothes horses
Sundry Crockery
Corner Cupboard and contents
Headstall and halter
Smoothing plane screwdriver and 2 hammers
Copper bowl strainer
Old Brussells Carpet and 2 or 3 pieces carpeting


Notes and Questions

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Sara Brumfield

Copper bowl shower instead of copper bowl strawer?