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Status: Complete

Farthest Cellar
Six bushels Potatoes
Four beer stands and sundry pieces wood for blocks
Three tap tubs and 2 pails
Four engine beertaps
Mallet, Funnel, Pincers and Winch

Middle Cellar
Lead Salting Trough and stand for Ditto
All enclosed Do.
Set upholsterers Steps
Long beerstand
Chopping block and 2 beer stands
Cask containing elder wine
9 Beesom's
Sundry tin cans bottles
Do pieces boarding &c.
Cider Cask

Cellar next Stairs
Beer stand and one Ditto in Wine Cellar

Notes and Questions

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Sara Brumfield

If we can figure out what that "te" looking word is after "Ditto pieces boarding" it also shows up a couple pages back.