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Old Table and chair
Two hand bowls
Plate rack as fixed, towel roller and shelving
2 spades
Dung Fork and hedging knife
Two hoes and a bill
Potato fork and one pick axe
Old Scythe
Grindstone handle
Two pulleys and ropes as fixed to beam
Water pot with rose
Long form
Two frying pans
Three iron boilers
Iron saucepan
Copper kettle
Garden line and reel
Sundry pig netting
New pig net and 5 new hemp halters (in house adjoining)
Two bullseye chaise lamps (Do.)
Set shoe brushes
Wooden harvest bottle
Meat Basket


Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Is there a chance that the item in the fifth line is "Dung Fork and hedging knife"?

UVA Law Library

Right you are!