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16 Kidbrook Grove
11 Nov. 83

Dear Mrs. Vaisey,
General Bray
10 years ago or more in-
sured his life for £1500,
for the express of leaving
it to me should I survive
him, to pay his funeral
expenses and his debts.
In making his will at Tring
this summer he considered
that his will by not men-
tioning that insurance
Colonel G.W. Scovell to whom at
that time we owed for pur-
chase of promotion.
His debt having been paid
over. Colonel Scovell assigned
the Policy back to us.
I hold his Policy and assign-
ment and [?] who lent
me husband money holds
the Policy for $500.
All this is she left entirely
& exclusively to me for any
purpose I may choose
& require it & not men-
tioning in Codicil any
particular use. I hope you
can understand my

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