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tion how far I shall think of my self obliged to make you amends for this favour. I do assure you I shall acquit myselft to your satisfaction, as I shall upon all occasions be desirous to show with how much regard. I am


Your Most Humble Servant

John Carter

By the Bailey


Corotomon Aug 20th 1783

Sir, [in pencil:] probably to Mr. Watson see opposite

You being recommended to me by Sir John Randolph as an honest and diligent man in business I have desired the bearer to deliver this with a letter of attorney & the probate of the last will of my father, that you may be impowered to bring a point which you will find in dispute between his execrs. [executors] & Mr. Hyde & Mr. Bradley of great importance to the people of this colony before one of the courts of Westminster, that it may there be solemnly determined.

The case is fully set fourth in the letter of attorney. The papers that will prove it are lodged in the hands of Mr. Alderman Perry, who will deliver them to you when you desire it of him. I have joined Mr. Fane, an old acquaintance of mine, with you, who I dare say will contribute his good offices on my behalf, but I rely chiefly on you to take all the troublesome part of the business upon your self.

The matter to be well considered in the first place is whether it be best to bring an action at common law or a suit in chancery. I had rather have it determined at common law if council should be of opinion that an accnt. [account] signed by a merchant is insufficient to maintain an action, as I can't doubt but it will, because it will be sooner & more easily decided. I have chosen to commit the management of this affair principally to you, without troubling any merchant about it: having no reason to expect, I can have justice done me by their assistance in a case of this nature & I would not have them in any manner concerned in it, for this reason I have not by this opportunity given orders to any of my correspondents to pay you any money; but as to that i suppose

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