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Obliged to give more and longer credit than we
would otherwise have done. However we have kept up
the sales very well. We hope in a little time to compleat [complete]
them; and to make you all the remittances we shall
have for you this year. While the ship is repairing
we are endeavoring to get tobacco for her. We are

Your most humble servants
John Carter
Thomas Lee
Charles Carter

[Micaj a] Perry Esq[ ] [Esquire]
Williamsburg Aug 28 1736

My private affairs with you being
within a [Masson] [Compages], I need give but little
trouble on my own account I wish I could be thought
so easy a correspondent when I write of Mr
Page's business A very large sum of money
due to you, bills of exchange drawn and [a short]
crop remitted, must needs give me cause to fear
that what I say will give but little satisfaction.
If what I write from Corotomon concerning the
duplicate of the accot [account] current should give any
offence, you will [impute] it to my fears and appre-
hensions that the ballance [balance] is grown too large
to leave room for much patience, and that you
intend to take your remedy against the [estate-]
When you are so good as to write me word that
you have no such intentions, you shall find me
ready to sign the accot [account[ current, or to do anything
else you can desire of me. I said all I could to
Colonel [Willis] to put [hims] [ off ] [til] another year; but
he said the bills were to go to yourself, [presed] the
matter so much that I could not refuse him two hundred

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