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Micajah Perry & Co.
Gentlemen, Rappa. July 7th. 1737

I received some time in the spring your account against Doctor Nicholas's Estate sworn to before my Lord Mayor. And according to my promise of making you payment, I inclose a Bill of Exchange on Mr. John Hanbury for the balance due to you being eighty eight pounds, thirteen shillings and nine pence, which I have good reason to believe will be paid. However, as part of this Bill is reallly drawn on some Tobo.[tobacco] of Doctor Nicholas's Estate that went in an early ship, I desire you will give Mr Hanbury all the time you can. And in case he should by any accident refuse payment, I hope you will not take the [advant?] of the ten per cent. If this happens I do a assure you I will contrive some other way of paying you. I am
Your most Humble Servt.

Mr. John Hanbury
Rappahanock. July 7. 1737.

I think I have already advised of a Bill I drew this year on accot. of Doctor Nicholas's Estate to Henry Whiting for thirty four pounds sterling. Since that I have drawn on Accot. of this Estate to William Printis nineteen pounds, fifteen shillings, & two pence half penny, to Philip Lightfoot Esq; twenty five pounds, & ten pence, to Micajah Perry Esq; & [compas?] eighty eight pounds, thirteen & nine pence. I am sensible how wrong it is to draw

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