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on tobacco before it be sold, or indeed so
much as known to be got safe home. But
this bill to Mr. Perry is for a debt has long
been due, and the account having been [ ]
[prov'd] [proved?] before my Lord Mayor and sent in
my promise as well as the justice of the [ ]
thing would not let me put off the payment
any longer and I hope Mr. Perry will
give you all convenient time. The other
two bills are also for debts of Doctor
Nicholas. I hope you will pay them
all and place to accot [account] of the estate. I am
your most hum ble servt


Mr. Edward [Athanes]
[Rapthaq] [Rappahanock?] July [2] 1737

This serves chiefly to inclose [enclose]
invoices of goods to [be] [sent] for the supply's of
the Nomony estate, and my brother George
Carter's estate, in which we have gone as
[far] near as possible. I have this day drawn
on you to William Camp for five pounds;
being one years salary for looking after my
my brother George Carters [Rippon] estate
which I desire you to pay and charge to his
accot [account] I am
Your most hum ble servt

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