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Ledger Page Number: 54

Last Name Letter: B

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1927Feb8Brookman Mary6P.C142201.5
1927Feb11Bassett F. H.63x4142342
1927Feb12Belt H. S. (self)68x10 grey1424015
1927Feb14Belt H.S. copy18x10 sepia142483.5
1927Feb17Brown Margret6P.C. sepia142532
1927Feb19Breckenridge Bennet6P.C. grey142592
1927Feb23Bolton Mr. Pict of dogs1142662.5
1927Feb24Bishop Miss Vivian copy18x10142733.5
1927Mar1Bethel Albert66x81428012
1927Mar3Bradshaw H.C. baby125x7 sepia1428810
1927Mar3Bolton A. B. baby1 free5x714289
1927Mar3Brooks M. D. Copy2142964
1927Mar3Bishop R.P.128x101429325
1927Mar9Baltimore Harry Baby1 free5x714320
1927Mar14Bryant B.J. grave68x101433610
1927Mar14Brouse N J baby74x6143376
1927Mar14Brown C. A.6Iden143382
1927Mar21Berry J. E.12P.C.143622
1927Mar21Bishop Hazel baby15x714364
1927Mar21Bishop Hazel Bennard5x714365
1927Mar23Burch Frank Kiwanis8x1014369
1927Mar24Barksdale J. R. 2 neg25x7 grey143846
1927Mar25Breeden E. A. baby64x6143943.5
1927Feb1Blue Ridge Sanatorium8x1014196
1927Mar26Bramm W. C. Med Class 2 neg65x71441112.5
1927Mar30Boulware J. R.65x71442011.5
1927Mar31Blanch E. F.65x71443111.5
1927April12Bolling Mrs Bartlet38x101447212.5
1927April14Baker Voorhees Miss6dash folder144805
1927April14Bain Eugene Med Class5x7144843.5
1927April15Batty H Mrs.15X714489
1927April19Breeden Mrs Carl12P.C.144964.5
1927April22Blue Ridge San. Copy Masoni of building14500
1927April25Banks Sally64x6145056
1927April25Burckhalter R Miss6Iden14507
1927April28Beddow Mrs T. A.3 plus 1 free5x7145193.75
1927April28Blue Miss Marjorie64x6145251
1927April30Burton H. B. baby show6P.c. grey folder145283
1927April30Bumpass D. E.25x7 sepia145331.5
1927April30Beancock Mrs Baby6P.C.145342

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