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Ledger Page Number: 63

Last Name Letter: C

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1911June3Craig Geo6p.c.245890.75
1911June30Crawford Dr. C.B.1[Gedijue?]246490.5
1911July14Cummings6p.c. 3/4 length246790.75
1911July15Ceaton Miss Lucy127x102468610
1911July15Ceaton Miss Lucy12p.c.246861
1911July15Campbell, Mi[ra?]6U.P.246933
1911July22Carle[uedu?] Mr. J.R.12p.c. (2 figs)247151
1911July24Coape Mrs. Nora M.6p.c.247160.75
1911Aug-4Churchill Phyllis12p.c.247291
1911Aug-7Clark Mr. E.R.3Locket photo247321
1911Aug-7Clark Mr. W.K. (family group)3(7x10) sketch247334
1911Aug-9Claytor's Ary Lee friend6p.c.247400.75
1911Aug-9Claytor's Ary Lee & friend6p.c.247410.75
1911Aug-10Coleman Mr. John12p.c. in fol Baby247440.75
1911Aug-16Chapman Mariah6p.c.247570.75
1911Sept-4Corgin Miss L.R. (Group of 6)12p.c.248111.5
1911Sept-8Carter Mrs. (son)6Wellworth cab248253
1911Sept-12Cannon Miss Marrion6U.P. Bust248293
1911Sept-27Clora Miss E.S.12p.c.248471
1911Sept-29Carruthers Mrs. E.I.12P.C. 4 in group248561
1911Sept-30Coleman Mrs. J.R.6P.C. Baby248581
1911Oct-10Clark Mr. W.C.6U.P. Bust248713
1911Oct-10Chaloner J.A. Mr.copies of letters24874
1911Oct-14Cawe[r?[ Mrs.8x1024886
1911Oct-24Catholic Church Window5x724906
1911Oct-26Mrs. James Clay & husband12Bavaria Cab249093
1911Oct-26Mrs. James Clay & husband12p.c.249101
1911Carter Mrs. (son24971
1911Nov [crossed out]Convocation meeting24972
1911Nov-27Carver Miss Lizzie * frs.2fol _249891.75
1911Nov-29Curry Miss Florence6p.c.249910.75
1911Dec-5Coleman Mr. R.L.12m.[p?].250218
1911Dec-5Campbell Mrs. E.D.2child 11x14250225
1911Dec-12Carter in F.R. suit24U. Pan250526
1911Dec-27Clark Mrs. J.E.12P.C.250801
1911Dec-28Carter Mrs. OF12Sketch 5x102509310
1911Dec-28Coleman Miss LB1211x142509710
1911Dec-30Compton Mr. Harry25099
1912Jan1Clements B.W. group12p.c.251101.5

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