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Ledger Page Number: 65

Last Name Letter: C

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1912July10Cogbill D.C.116x20 & 2 copy382x
1912July10Chanler Miss6Copies386x2
1912July20Coles Carrie (Baby)12P.C.406x1
1912July20Coles Carrie (Bay)12P.C.407x1
1912July20Carson Miss12P.C. fol-410x1.5
1912July20Carlton Mr. (group)8x10412x
1912July23Cason Mr. H.E. (Baby)12P.C.414x1
1912July31Chambers Ola (baby)12P.C.431x1
1912Aug14Carper - Miss M.122 negs - 11x14459x16
1912Sept20Clarke, Mr. H.W. Reservoir-15cab. Babyx6072.5
1912Sept21Carpenter, Miss Helen R.7.W. #4 city12P.C. childx6101
1912Sept21Carpenter, Mrs. I.N. R.7.W. #4 city12P.C. ladyx6121
1912Sept30Chaloner, J. Armstrong (on Havelback)8x10x630
1912Sept30Chaloner, J. Armstrong Residences8x10x631
1912Oct19Clarke, Mr. [G?].H. 1815 - Hanave Ave Richmond VaCopy Bue P. Reg.x6711
1912Oct21Carter Mr. Foot BallM. Pan. Buffx685
1912Nov.4Court House Squarex723
1912Nov.4C & O Railway Depotx724
1912Nov.9Carver Sam, Hea[d]s Va12Post-Cardsx7481
1912Nov.14Cary's S.C. Family Group [Falrs?]35x7x7943
1912Nov.28Carter C.W. Beluerul - City2Masoniex835
1912Nov.28Caynes Miss Va Basic City12B. full Sketchx8435
1912Dec.3Coach Miss H.A. Ivy, Va38oz H.C.O folx8569
1912Dec.7Clarke Miss R.H. Crozet, Va12M.P.x8628
1912Dec.7Churchman C.J. Basket Ball Suitx868
1912Dec.9Creekmore 1 group - G.D.1Linex878
1912Dec.13Cambloss J.L. University Va6M.P. Sketchx9005.2
1912Dec.13Cartes Miss E.M.12P.C.x9021.5
1912Dec.26Cash Miss Bessie Faben, Va12P.C.x9391
1912Dec.28Clarke Mr. & Mrs. University8x10x961
1912Dec.28Clarke Mr. on horseback8x10x962
1912Dec.28Clarke Mr. on horseback8x10x963
1913Jan.2Cosstaphney L.M. I.O.O.F.2x971
1913Jan.2Cassell J.F. I.O.O.F.2x978
1913Jan.10Cawsin Mr. Capy6M.P.x1008
1913Jan.17Coleman Miss Edua R.F.[D?]. #461P.C.x10420.75
1913Jan.24Campell, Mr. J.C. Basket Ballx1062
1913Jan.24Churchman C.J. Basket Ballx1063
1913Feb4Corks & Curls Editors14x17x1078

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