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Ledger Page Number: 68

Last Name Letter: C

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1913Nov.21Carr, Lee M.Slip in-x18643
1913Nov.24Covesville Orchard Co.x1885
1913Nov.29A[udit?] Pay & ladyP.C.x18961.5
1913Nov.29Carnich[ael?] A.B.106-E.31st Savanah La.x189910
1913Nov.29Crawford Elizabeth W[awi?] [Springs?] Va [euly?]x19005
1913Dec1stCampbell, L.I. Alla[eu?]ont Circlesketchx190110
1913Dec4Carroll, Mr. E.L.x19135
1913Dec5C&O made at Crozat Va. D[whaue?]x1920
1913Dec12Cuckeu Lerger, Mrs. U.A. Roseua Vax19542
1913Dec12Carter B.N. U. Vax19576
1913Dec12Carter R.H. 16-E. Lawn Orange Vax19585
1913Dec15Earle, Mrs. E. Carters Bridge Va w.[w?].x19726
1913Dec16Cockrell, Uathau11x14x197615
1913Dec16Ca[ueue?], Jno. Jr.3/4 fig.x198010
1913Dec19Chawla[daue?], W.C. & sons3 headsx198510
1913Dec20Clements, Mr. G.L.P.C.x19861
1913Dec25Chestnutt, Maybelle7x10x198910
1914Jan[1?]Carter, Mrs. O.F.(eulg cd) 8x10x200810
1914Jan8Cash, J.G. U.Va7x10x20167
1914Jan17Cooc[crossed out]k U.R.4x6 - sketchx2037
1914Jan23Coleman, V.U.View U.Va Hos.x20502
1914Jan27Confederate Monument U.Vax2055
1914Jan29Campbell, Lyle Basket Ball Uni.x2068
1914Jan30Cronley, John track-x2066
1914Jan21Carter Lewis Hickory Hill Va 8.C.x20691
1914Jan31Catlett, Jasu. 23th st.P.C.x20601
1914Feb3Cabell Hall H&B.x2074
1914Feb4Chi Phix2082
1914Feb7Clements Gertrude, Birdwood Va.P.C.x20851
1914Feb7Clements, Pearl, Birdwood VaP.C.x20861
1914Feb10copy [opinion?] new Paper Comment of Ovation g Creation of Photographic Boardx2092
1914Feb12B.P. Cha[w?] [F?]erlaiu -x90952
1914Feb20Corks & Curls staffx2108
1914Feb20Corks & Curls Boardx2110
1914Feb26Clark, A.J.7/10x21186
1914Feb27Carter Eva[P.O?].x21221
1914Mch9C&A of Hotel sitex2135
1914Mch9Judge Coclison residen Va C&Ax2136
1914Mch16Craver, Mrs. A.O. Greenwood Vax21456.5

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