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Ledger Page Number: 6[5?]

Last Name Letter: C

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1914March17Colonade Club cup U.Va8x10x2152
1914Apr.1stCaleahau P.H. U.Va B.B. teamx2198
1914Apr.24Clark I.G.x224710
1914Apr.24C&O neg at Holly from U.Va(A-H) (I-L)x2248
1914Apr.30Cook C.B.x22616.5
1914May19Cash J.R. U. Vax229910
1914May29Carter, Josephine [baby?]x23374.25
1914June2Cower and lady [Cumore?] Vax23485
1914June2Colonade Club reading roomx2351
1914June5Chisholm, Andyx2356
1914June13C&A Ry Co new Power Plantx2375
1914June12C&A Ty Co. new Car in front of Rotundax2377
1914June29Clark, Mr. James Crozet, Va3/8x24024
1912 [crossed out]June [crossed out]Colonnade [crossed out] Clubx350
June [crossed out]Court [crossed out] Housex355
June [crossed out]Cabell [crossed out] Hall and Lawnx360
June [crossed out]Cabell [crossed out] Hall (Rear of)x362
July3Coleman Miss Mary Csketchx37010
July4Cochran Mrs.P.C. (copy)x376
July6Clark Mr. S.S.copyx380
July10Coglill D.C.enlargementx382
July12Chandler Miss.copyx386
July20Coles CarrieP.C.
July20Coles CarrieP.C.x407
July20Carson Miss.P.C.x4101.5
July22Carlton Mr.groupx412
July23Carson Mr. H.E.P.C.x4141
July31Chambers Mrs. OlaP.C.x4311
1914July3Carter SettieP.C.x24121
1914July7Clark Mr. R.B. (baby)U.Panx24253
1914July11Clay Soloman and sonenlargementx24313
1914July11Clay C.C.P.C.x24321
1914July18C and A.P.R. Co.x2455
1914July23Clements J.W. (little girl and calf)x24673
1914Aug1Campbell P.M.P.C.x25041
1914Aug12Constable Miss.P.C.x25301
1914Aug13Cul[ise?] J.C.P.C.x25311
1914Aug21Carver Mrs. JamesP.C.x25451
1914Sept12Carter Eva P.cab.x2603
1914Sept29[Charlottesville?] views of[illegible]

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