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Ledger Page Number: 68

Last Name Letter: C

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1914Oct8Colman H. Footballx2689
Oct20Carter Mrs. C.C.x21143
Oct23Clark S.S.copyx27231
Oct23Craig G.E.P.C.x27251
Oct26Creushaw S.D.P.C.x27321
Nov1Carter Mr. C.D.x27550.4
Nov10Country Clubx2779
Nov13Cook Dr. CecilSketchx2484
Nov16Carr Geo. Store Frontx27902
Nov17Coulter Dr. G.C.x28005
Nov19Compton Mrs. Dr.Home Portraitx280419.75
NovCorks and Curls ?x2808
NovCampbell Mrs. E.D.x28113
Nov23Campbell Mrs. E.D.Sketchx28236.5
Nov25Cook Mrs. C.V.x2837
Dec8Clements J.W.P.C.x28821.75
Dec12Carter Mrs. O.F.P.C.x28951
1915JanCarver Mrs Sadie S.x2929
Jan20Carter W. ?Sepiax295810
Feb6Catlett NannieP.C.x29801
Feb11Cammon LaurenceP.C.x29891
Feb16C and C Editorial Boardx3000
Feb20Cox Miss Helen S.P.C.x30091
Feb27Caudeu Mrs. S.M.P.C.x30351
Mar3Cabell Hall (Entrance)A.B.x3046
Mar3Church A.S.x30508
Mar23Covington and Peytonx3094
Mar26Charlottesville Ice Co.Viewx3098
MarCovington and PeytonStorefrontx3099
MarColonial HotelViewx3105
MarColster ErnestineP.C.x31111
Mar30Capp C.C.Line borderx31166.5
MarCalloway "Pat"Baseballx3129
Apr2Carter Mrs. PP.C.x31391
Apr3Cumming V.O. and Ladyx3142
AprChi PhiGroupx3150

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